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Hyaluronic acid

Guide to moisture sandwiching

Guide to moisture sandwiching

We get it – you want all the benefits acid-based products give while maintaining that glow-giving level of hydration. Enter moisture sandwiching – hydration, acid, more hydration. And with our new moisture sandwich kits, it couldn't be easier. Here's how to do it.

Hyaluronic Fix Extreme4 Cleansing Cream

Step 1 - Cleanse
Start by cleansing with our new Hyaluronic Fix Extreme4 Cream Cleanser, then lightly pat your face afterwards so that skin remains slightly damp – this helps your next steps sink in easily.

Hyaluronic Fix Extreme4 Serum

Step 2 - Hydrate
Prep your skin with a layer of hydration before applying an acid-based treatment – our Hyaluronic Fix Extreme4 Serum is ideal.

Glycolic Fix Concentrate Extreme

Step 3 - Treat
Gently pat a few drops of one of our acid-based concentrates onto your face and allow to absorb for a few moments – your face should still be damp for the next step.

Hyaluronic Fix Extreme4 Hybrid Gel Cream

Step 4 - Moisturise
Apply a generous layer of the new Hyaluronic Fix Extreme4 Hybrid Gel Cream over your chosen serum or concentrate to seal it all in.

Why it works

Applying lighter, water-based products to your skin first and following with thicker and more hydrating formulas seals in moisture as well as any active ingredients. This helps you get the most from your products and gives you the best results, while still protecting and nourishing your skin.

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