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Ingredient Focus: Tremella

Ingredient Focus: Tremella

The mushroom that will make your skin glow

Tremella, also known as snow mushroom, is famed for its ability to lock moisture in the skin. Although its effect is similar to hyaluronic acid, the particles size is smaller, meaning it can penetrate the skin more easily.

What exactly is tremella?

Tremella fuciformis is a mushroom well known in Chinese medicine. It was said to be used by imperial Concubine Yang Guifei, regarded as the most beautiful woman of her time. She used the ingredient topically to keep her skin glowing and youthful.

Naturally abundant in polysaccharides, a type of antioxidant, Tremella does more than just hydrate the skin.

What are the benefits of tremella?

This is no one trick mushroom.

Hydration is what it’s known for, especially the ability to lock in moisture and strengthen the skin barrier. A compromised skin barrier can be the reason for multiple issues on the skin including unwanted skin texture and redness or sensitivity, so maintaining a healthy barrier is crucial to a healthy complexion.

With this hydration comes anti-ageing benefits. Its plumping effect on the skin means that fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, giving an overall more youthful look to the skin.

It is also known to fight against free radical damage which is caused by pollution in our environment (and can cause the skin to age prematurely). It also slows down the skin’s production of melanin, helping to brighten dark spots, so skin is more even toned with less texture.

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