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The Skin Barrier SOS Kit

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  • Plumping
  • Hydrating
  • Soothing

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Say sorry to your skin with ceramides and a hit of hydration. Much like a comforting hug or a head on a pillow after a long day (or night), ceramides will ease the redness, soreness and dryness if you've overdone your acids, been in the sun a little too long or given skin a little too much of the good stuff.

This four-step rescue kit contains our most nourishing, replenishing, hydrating products that will get your skin and its barrier back to full health in no time. Containing two Ceramide Fix heroes, designed to deliver essential ceramides to skin to help repair its barrier, as well as two Hyaluronic Fix Extreme4 bestsellers to add and lock in hydration, this kit gets to work quickly to soothe dryness, redness and soreness and help your skin barrier retain that all-important moisture – our Ceramide Fix Serum is clinically proven to reduce transepidermal water loss (TEWL) in just 48 hours.*

*Independent Clinical Trial Results tested on 33 subjects for 3 days.

What's included?

  • Ceramide Fix Cleansing Balm

    Ceramide Fix Cleansing Balm (75ml):

    A moment of calm for your skin. Take the day off with our luxurious cleansing balm, powered by a skin-restoring ceramide blend to help replenish the skin’s lipid barrier and restore its balance.
  • Ceramide Fix Serum 12%

    Ceramide Fix Serum 12% (30ml):

    Overdone your acids? Say sorry to your skin with Ceramide Fix Serum 12%. Much like a comforting hug, this replenishing, gel-like serum works quickly to help repair the skin's natural lipid barrier, keeping it looking smooth, hydrated and healthy.
How to use
Can be used daily, AM and/or PM.

Step 1: Cleanse with Ceramide Fix Cleansing Balm.
Step 2: Put on a pair of Hyaluronic Fix Extreme4 Jelly Eye Patches under eyes and leave on for 10-15 minutes.
Step 3: Apply 1-2 pumps of Ceramide Fix Serum 12%.
Step 4: Seal it all in with a generous layer of Hyaluronic Fix Extreme4 Hybrid Gel Cream. Don't forget to apply SPF in the morning as your final step.
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